The Research

This research is about the role of online information in the creation, building, and assessment of personal reputations. It looks at how people create, build, and assess the personal reputations of others from the online evidence available to them, and how they manage their own personal reputations through their use of online information. (The term “personal reputation” in this context refers to the reputation of private individuals rather than corporate identity and brand).

The research considers:

(1) How people evaluate the personal reputations of others

(2) How people create and build their own personal reputations

This work falls within the remit of information behaviour and use, a sub-field of information science.

* It should be recognised that it is possible to find information online for even those who have actively elected not to maintain an online presence.

The methodology for this research will include a combination of participant diaries and interviews. It is possible that a secondary research tool will be deployed after the primary data analysis has been completed.

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