Ready for iWeek!

I am heading up to Aberdeen today for a week of i-conferences with other members of the Edinburgh Napier University “CSI” team.

iDocQ logo (2)The first of these conferences is a day-long doctoral colloquium, iDocQ. I was on the organising committee last year, and am looking forward to being there without an operational role this year. I’m even starting to look forward to the “one minute madness” presentation all of the attendees are expected to give.

i3-bannerBut it’s the second conference that I’m really, really excited about. The Information: interactions and impact (i3) conference focuses on the interactions between people and information, and how this interaction can bring about change. It is extremely relevant to my own research, and I am hoping to make some great new contacts over the week.

Excitedly, this will also be my first experience of presenting an academic paper. I’m a little a lot nervous because I’m certain that I will fumble over my pronunciations—causing panicked flashbacks to my days in speech therapy—but I’m hoping that I can laugh through any mistakes. (Actually, I’ve built my talking points around words I’m comfortable with. It’s only during the Q&A that I might get thrown a tongue twister!)

More on all of this later though. After all, I still need to finish packing!

One thought on “Ready for iWeek!

  1. Pronounciations, fununciations! I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Say it like you’re confident you’re right, and you’ll convince others they’ve been wrong all these years… ;) Failing that, put it down to that weird Scottish accent of yours!

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